"Riding the World" 1980 Japan's Bicycle Guide Saddles

My friend Brian has shared some scans he did from the 1980 Japan's Bicycle Gude.  It's chock full of an incredible amount of components and accessories that most of us Fuji lovers would love to get our hands on, the first selection being the saddle group.  They'll be more to follow in the upcoming weeks I'm sure.

Check out Brian's website too:  www.fujibmx.com

1975 Fuji "Ace"

Awhile back I posted some images of my friend Mark's 1976 burgundy Fuji America.  


Mark has exquisite taste in Fujis.  Not only models but condition as well. He's recently added to his stable with this handsome 1975 "Ace".  He purchased it from a bike store where it had hung on the wall since it was new having been returned to the shop so it's owner could exchange it for something more comfortable.  All original, including hoods, bar tape, pumo and water bottle.

Thanks Mark!

Just Passing Thru ... 1983 Fuji "Team"

1983 Fuji "Team"

Recently purchased off of Boston's Craigslist by my friend Alex, it's now moving on to the sunny weather of Florida where my other friend Jose will enjoy it's almost new condition. All original, there's very few miles on this Team, it's the most spectacular example I've ever seen.  There's some evidence of it spending a great amount of it's life upside down resting on the ground, it's rubber hoods have deteriorated and are flattened on the tops.  The greatest amount of wear that I can find are the two small scuffs on the saddle. An incredible find ..



Fuji BMX ... The Other End of the Catalog.

Most of us know the beginning pages of Fuji catalogs, the Professional, the Newest, the Finest. It's what we lust and search for.  

However, there's a different breed out there, the BMX riders.  Here's a great website that has some great info and collateral material from the other side of the moon.  Check it out!


I don't ride one, I never have.  But they are so beautiful, so cool. The gold Fuji Feather Professional is now on my "must have" list.  At least to photograph!