1981 Fuji "America"

Frequent contributer and friend Brian went out to search for America and came back with a gem. Included were the original Fujita Pro saddle, Fuji bottle and Primus pump, dork disk and reflectors. Considered "the premium touring bicycle" in it's day, it's a must have for any Fuji affectionados collection. Remember to check out Brian's website:




Fuji Catalogs "Simply Better"

A collection of Fuji catalogs that I own, some of them are very recent and not really considered vintage or classic.  I'm sure our appreciation for them will grow over time ... 

Fuji and Fujita

Some images of two Fuji jerseys from the '80's, a rare Fujita jersey with a beautiful honey colored Fujita "Professional Super" saddle and a great Fuji cycling cap. Thanks to all that contributed these items!