1973 "A Complete Buyers Guide To Bicycles"

A 1973 magazine full of reviews of all the different bicycle brands and models including Fuji. Featured on the cover and a full page advertisement on the rear, this 1973 "The Finest" garnered fine reviews:

"This Fuji is one of the few bicycles with tubular tires that you would dare to ride in the city; it is a very good all-around vehicle for anyone and by far the best buy in it's price range."

Fuji Dealers Technical Guide

William Bevington, the designer of the now 37 year old "three dot" Fuji logo, is a frequent contributor to the Vintage Fuji Archive. You may have viewed his photographs of Fujis seen on the streets of New York City and more recently the Fuji product labels that he designed.

This time he's been kind enough to supply the archive with a collection of pages from some early '80's Dealer Technical Guides with component specifications, accessories, tools and clothing.  Thanks William!

Fuji Posters

My friend Matt has kindly supplied these images scanned from actual posters in his collection.  Thanks Matt!

1972 Fuji "The Newest"

This 1972 "Newest" came to me with it's original silver paint stripped leaving a rather nice chrome surface.  The original decals were missing but I was lucky enough to work with JR Anderson (www.velocals.com) to have him a create a reproduction set.  Photos and measurements were taken of decals from another Newest, the results being quite beautiful on the chrome.  View my 1974 Newest to see what the silver paint and it's original decals look like:


If you're in the process of restoring a Newest here's the link for the replacement decals: