1972 Fuji "The Newest"

This 1972 "Newest" came to me with it's original silver paint stripped leaving a rather nice chrome surface.  The original decals were missing but I was lucky enough to work with JR Anderson (www.velocals.com) to have him a create a reproduction set.  Photos and measurements were taken of decals from another Newest, the results being quite beautiful on the chrome.  View my 1974 Newest to see what the silver paint and it's original decals look like:


If you're in the process of restoring a Newest here's the link for the replacement decals:



1985 Fuji "Opus III"

Completing the triad of the three different Opus liveries, a 1985 Opus III.


A special frame, from the collection of the late Gene Ritvo, I've built it up with components I've been holding in my "vault", the ones I've put aside for the once in a life time Fuji build.

1974 Fuji "The Ace"

The Ace  .... with Shimano "Dura Ace" component group.

Loved by some, loathed by others. Suntour was king and the young upstart Shimano with it's Dura Ace group would eventually be part of the force that would topple Suntour's reign. 

 Here's a series of links to a 1975 review of the Ace from Bicycling Magazine:




Just a note, Velo-pages.com is a wonderful collection of catalogs, brochures, technical information and reviews for all your vintage and classic bicycles needs.  Please visit and enjoy!

1984 Fuji "Touring Series III"

Another fine example of how well a Fuji purchased on eBay will transform itself back into a work of art. My friend Keith's Touring Series III right of the box as it arrived:

Thanks Keith!