RIP Bill Reavis and

Bill Reavis, the creator and owner of passed away unexpectedly in April. Bill was a great friend and mentor to me and really got my love going for all things Fuji.

Unfortunately for now, ClassicFuji is down. Luckily I have all the content of Bill's site and will be working on re-creating and adding lots of additional Fuji information.

If you have any questions regarding a Fuji you may have or want to restore, please drop me a line at the address listed on the home page.

Do you have some nice photos of your Fuji?  Restorations before and after are always welcomed as well.  Please share if you'd like and I'll post them.




I am sorry to hear the news of Bill Reavis's passing. My condolences to you and his loved ones. I frequented his and your sites often over the last year as I learned about all things Fuji and identified local Fuji restoration candidates through his catalog archive. My thanks for yours and his work. I look forward to the re-created site and the new information to come.
I stumbled onto this site and am so thankful to have found it. My condolences.
I just heard about this site from my LBS. They recommended it when I swamped them with questions about parts for my vintage Fuji. I am still learning about you ur site and how to navigate it. I look forward to learning more and seeing your recreation of Bill’s site. Tkx Monty
Thank's everybody for your kind words!

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