Hi Scott, thank you for nice info on fuji saddles. Are saddles from the "80s pro,super record and newest particularly valuable? I don't recall ever seeing one for sale; regardless of colour. Thank You. Bob Hello everyone ;as we all are dealing with covidapocalypse its always nice to be kind,patient,embraceful and compassionate with folks;even those we don't know! Walking 🚶, hiking and cycling 🚵 are good fun activities that will increase your face value with a smile!
Hi Bob, they can be, depending on condition and color. Drop me a line at and I can give you more info. Interesting question because I was thinking of listing all the saddles with a rarity rating.
Early 70’s Leather saddle
can't figure how to send you a pic. cannot select from my photos in phone.
Hi Tom, send the photos via email.

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